Reflect, focus and gain clarity the right way!

Are you also done setting meaningless goals?

I know why you didn’t realize last year’s goals.

One of the main reasons people fail to reach their goals is that they are based on “nothingness”

When you ask them what they want to achieve in 2023, they will give you vague and general wishes such as they want to grow their business, grow their career, or they want to be happy. 

Same sh*t, different day type of goals.

Except for the fact that those are not even well-formulated goals that won’t get you very far, I also always wonder what someone truly wants who utter such nothingness.

Please don’t be influenced by wat you see on “the gram”.

Your successful year doesn't start with setting goals, it starts with setting INTENTIONS.

I have been achieving my goals successfully now for 3 consecutive years, which has allowed me to:


  • build 2 businesses, that have been growing (2022 was my best year yet!), and


  • lead a team that latches unto those goals too.

But let me also share a secret with you. The secret is not in setting goals, the secret is in setting intentions.

I know you may have labeled setting goals as

In the years that I am running two growing businesses and helping clients do the same, I can tell you one thing:

Jumping straight to setting goals is not the answer. It is actually your greatest enemy. But not having any goals is also not advisable. Confusing, I know -_-

What I’m trying to say is that your goals are not working for you, because you need to set intentions first.

Intentions come from a deeper place than goals. You may set goals with your mind and choose the goals that you think are good based on thoughts and beliefs that may not even be your own.

You don’t want a big building as a goal or a five-figure launch. That’s your ego talking. What do you truly want?

When setting intentions, it forces you to unravel what your true desires and motives are.  

And that is the number 1 secret to successful goal-setting & goal smashing.

If you want to head into the new year with more intention, but also recognize that the way you’ve been planning your year is not working for you.

Then this is for you.

Join me on this Exploration & Inspiration Audio Safari, a guided audio, where you can physically take a walk (or just close your eyes and take a mental stroll).

“When the body starts moving, the mind moves as well”

This is not your usual goal setting, which 90% of the time doesn’t work anyway.

These past years I have found a great way to set intentions that will work for you, based on asking the right questions with a workable balance between heart, head & business. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Setting intentions & goals is like going on a trip. An intentional trip, though.

There are two ways of going on a trip.

Winging it and “going with the flow”.

OR… Mapping it out so that you will at least see and experience that which you want to experience.

I don’t know about you, but I do not wish to look back on my trip and say “it was okay, but I feel that there was more to see and experience”.

So too with your intentions & goals for the coming year.

Will you take control and decide what you want to do and what you don’t want to do?

You decide! All I know is that hoping is not a strategy.

Put on your walking shoes, bring your phone and headset, or pick a comfy place to sit.

This experience will take around 30 minutes.

All you have to do is focus and pause to answer the questions I ask along the way. Take your time to think and really reflect on the past year and your deepest desires.  

Love yourself enough to take your hopes & dreams seriously.

Download the Audio Safari here!

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